You can now Download PUBG New State in India and can Play Globally- How?

PUBG Mobile has been banned in India after Indo-China conflicts in 2020, after that Tencent has been blacklisted and Krafton was warned to not be indulged with them anyhow as being a Chinese Company. With recreation and taking all the guidelines undertaken Krafton broke its deal with Krafton and Crafted an improved version of PUBG Mobile called PUBG New State.


A similar feel Battleground game with improvements syntaxed. You can now Download PUBG New State in India and can Play Globally with anyone, anywhere Online just like early days.

The Game is around 1.5GB in size and after being officially released its servers crashed. Krafton officially reported this issue as the response was unexpected because there was so many logins altogether, you can check the tweet below. You can Login with Facebook or can log in as a Guest that’s a choice.

Download PUBG New State in India and can Play Globally

Can I import my previous PUBG Backup to the Game? No, you cant because it is only possible in PUBG Mobile India not in New State, you have to start fresh as a new player if you want to play.

Gameplay and Game is improved in terms of Graphics and Details like New Login Screen, Sound Effects, Grass and Land area graphics are improved, Inventory has changes, New Car and Character Animation and Movements while Punching, Sprint and Landing.


You can Break Glasses with Guns or Pan, Clear sound of metal when you hit surface with a bullet, Knockout effects, some new Maps are also there that we all test in near future but there are a few problems and lacks in-game for now…

You feel some gitter, server crash sometimes, the game hangs while playing, you might see teleporting effect even if it’s not a hacker, delay in-game room load time and a few more, in short, may be due to its new that possibly be fixed in near future as the game is new.

The game is available to Download through Play Store officially, all you need is to go and Install right away.

We are expecting New state will bring big improvements in the coming time, some Maps, for now, are in Beta that you can check in Gameplay above & a few other things.

It brings a new possibility again for PUBG Mobile Streamers to be Happy and Start earning, will have to see how it performs and will be able to bring back that happy kicks for all but Rooms are there for friends- Get ready & Gang Up.


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