Valorant Crashes after Latest Update Fixes and Solution- How to Valorant Guide

After the latest of Valorant Graphics Driver crashed is appearing to a lot of players which is causing issues in the game. Valorant Patch 3.10 is launching and rolling out after which major crashes are seen and players complain. This update brings a number of different crashes and bugs within the game. A major crash issue that is reported is ‘Graphics Driver crashed’.


A Graphic Driver crash means this will make the Game unable to load or show graphics that can make the computer freeze, crash or black screen issues because graphics are main in every game or display side of a screen. The Valorant Crashes after Latest Update Fixes and Solution is easy if you apply it wisely.

Why these Crashes occur? How it can be fixed in Valorant?

A very annoying reason that the players have to deal with is every new update brings different files, updates, improvements but there is a higher chance for players to encounter it and the reason is usually caused by driver or Windows update issues. the new realises patches can be applied if you face it on your system as it is advisable to wait for Riot Games to release a fix before you try your own tactics that even can jumble upon everything.

Valorant Crashes after Latest Update Fixes and Solution List

Valorant Crashes after Latest Update Fixes and Solution List
Valorant Crashes after Latest Update Fixes and Solution List

Fix for this are:

  • Update the Graphics Card drivers – Check for updates, download them, and install them. Sometimes newer updates can mismatch with the current patch in which case rolling back to a previous update can also solve the issue.
  • Update DirectX
  • Update Windows
  • Disabling VSync and lowering graphics settings
  • Reinstall Riot Vanguard.

The other 4 major common issues that Valorant players facing are-

  • The game crashes to desktop
  • The screen is black when the game is launched
  • The game closes immediately after launching
  • The game freezes completely without crashing to desktop
  • There also a list of Errors and Issues list publicised by Valorant on offical site

Over excitement of new released among the players is likely to be server issues and crashes for the players. Valorant is the second most p[popular battleground game on PC right now that means every single update is a big pressure on the server due to high traffic at sudden effect causing server loads. Getting a Van -81 or Van 128 in a cycle is a horrific nightmare and one that many players have suffered from.

Here are some common quick fixes to deal with the issues in Valorant Game:

  • Restart PC – This is one of the simplest and easiest way to solve most of the issue.
  • Restart Riot Client
  • Check Firewall settings
  • Check Server Status and other related issues
  • Reinstall Riot Vanguard
  • Run in Compatibility Mode
  • If all else fails, reinstall Valorant

These methods are sure to deal with most of the common possible errors that Valorant throws at the players. Also Valorant and Riot game is adding ‘Agent Profiles’ and ‘Tournament Updates’ with the new update. It is planned to allow players to create different keybindings for different agents. The latter requires players to verify their phone numbers in order to be allowed to participate in Valorant Tournaments.

The most lucrative aspect of this patch has been the upcoming debut of Chamber, Valorant’s 18th Agent. The highly-trained Sentinel will finally be released after a two-week delay, along with a plethora of rewards and skills to tinker with.


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