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GameScrappers is a Digital Gaming News site covering the most interesting piece of News material on the Internet related to VR, Gaming Consoles, Game Downloads, Deals, How to Download PC or Console Games for Free, Mind-boggling News related to the Gaming Industry, National and International.

We also share Reviews based on our personal interest related to different Gaming Gadgets which you might be interested in testing or Buy including Laptops, PC, Consoles, Gears, Etc. It is our pleasure to present you with one of the best Content available Written by us for you that you can Enjoy, especially for all the Gamers out there.

Our Logo and Name suggest our Aim, “GameScrappers” Scrap the best of Gaming that people love to read. We are small and at a very low level compare to other Media Magzine available Online who post Gaming Material, but still, we try to give our best for our readers. Keep Supporting coz we are You…

India’s first Gaming-Dedicated News Website (probably).

About Us

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